Visiting the Capitol City of Washington, DC and staying within budget limits


The thought of vacationing in any U.S. major vacation destination can cause sleepless nights when thinking of a vacation budget. Granted, you can spend a whole bunch of cash and max out credit cards quite easily in D.C., but you can also stay under or at least break even quite easily.

The fact is Washington D.C. is loaded with free things to do, discounts to be found and cheap public transportation. Besides your airfare, the next largest expense is of course, hotel room. You really don’t need to stay inside the District, even though you may view that as an advantage. The truth is, rates are higher, and you can easily find cheaper high quality hotels outside the district. Getting into the District proper is very easy, with public transportation. In fact, Washington has one of the best mass transit systems anywhere. What do you thing all the government workers take into the city every morning? Cars? No, the Metrorail System is the way to go. You can also look right across the river in Virginia for some super deals and again, transportation is still cheap and easy.  For getting around the Metro area, you can take a taxi, Uber or Lyft.  Any and all of those will save you a bundle of money you would have spent on rental vehicle.



Plan today for that vacation in Sin City, and save big bucks.


If you are planning an upcoming visit to Las Vegas, you have probably experienced or heard how money flows from your pocket in waterfalls. However, with careful planning and tips from the experts, you can save on things that will spread those funds towards more fun times.

Right off the bat we can tell you that flying into Vegas and out at end of stay on weekends will cost you more in airfare. Try taking your vacation and book flights mid-week for additional savings. Additionally, when the mercury level hits HOT, like July and August, there are less people flying in and airline will drop rates.  Also, if you can make your reservations a few month prior to vacation instead of the week before you should get much better prices on airfare.

Welcome to fabulous Las vegas Nevada sign with blur strip road background

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign

Try to avoid vacationing in Vegas during prime holiday times, for obvious reasons, higher hotel rates and crowds. As far as choosing your hotel location, that actually is important and can save you a lot of spending money. One location off the strip I suggest visiting when staying on the Vegas Strip, is the Downtown Freemont Street Experience. It has gotten much more attention with visitors, and in fact is a great escape from the Vegas Strip. You can party in the streets, listen to mega music, enjoy light shows, and zip-line over the crowds from far above. Another thing you can do is stay in a hotel on Freemont Street and save big bucks! And for transportation back and forth from the strip, the Vegas bus line runs back and forth every half hour.

Important tip: Not many visitors know this or use this, but ask at the front desk when checking in for a free room upgrade. Just tell them its your anniversary, important birthday or other special reason you are here, and you may be surprised, for free.



Who says you can’t visit New Orleans with kids?


NOLA with Kids 3

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When most of us think of New Orleans, we remember the 24-hour party that goes on every day on Bourbon Street, or at least we have heard about it or seen on TV. But how many families actually plan a Vacation in New Orleans? More than you think. New Orleans is so much more than just Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras.

There are plenty of excellent hotels throughout the city where bead covered drunk vacationers won’t be invading your space. And rest assured, there are locations in the French Quarter that are very kid friendly. Take for instance starting you day with the experience of Café Du Monde for a cup of chicory coffee (milk for the kids) and a fresh beignet?  It’s not only a fun breakfast and people watching adventure for the family, but they can sneak a peak in the window and check out how the pastries are made.

The French Open Market is another place you all can browse about for hours, with some interesting vendors for adults as well as children.

There are also a few almost “must do” adventures in New Orleans for families, and the first is cruising the great Mississippi River on a authentic steamboat. Not only is this a great way to see the city coastline,
building, but a sweet photo op.

NOLA with Kids 3Surly your children have heard about the wildlife in New Orleans, especially the alligator population. Whether young or old, experiencing these ancient creatures up close and personal is quite the experience. You can take tours with companies like the Slidell Swamp Tours, or head to the local alligator farm and let your children hold a baby gator in their hands. Although this may not ne appropriate for some youngsters, learning the process of growing gators for the wild, and for handbags is interesting.