Find a piece of heaven this winter in beautiful sunny Miami Beach



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As we move closer to those months of rain, sleet, snow and cold weather, what could be better than a vacation in Miami Beach, Florida? My days as a youngster growing up in New England knows all to well that feeling of joy, when my parents announced an unexpected trip down to Florida in February. We will give you some tips on how to save some money, experience the best of Florida, so start packing those bathing suits and flip flops.

One of the top attractions in Miami Beach every year is the annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival. This year will be the 15th Annual, and looks to be quite the happening event. Not only will there be some of the most celebrated chefs of the Bobby Flay caliber, but also some awesome music stars performing for you. And then there are the celebrities you will be bumping shoulders with. During the more than seventy-five events, including the Grand Tasting and strolling through Grand Tasting Village, you can’t possibly not have fun.



The “Big Easy”, New Orleans is your place for your vacation fun



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New Orleans is a fantastic destination for fun and adventure all year long, for singes, couples, families or groups. If I were to name my top 5 places in the U.S. to go NOLA would be on that list. Always remember that even though New Orleans is well known as a “party place”, that’s only Bourbon Street. There’s much more to this historic town than that, believe me.

First of all, once you get off the main street, Bourbon and start visiting neighborhoods, the charm of this great town shines through. People are friendly, give awesome directions, and add certain warmth to your visit.  A super way to see the sites and visit neighborhoods is to jump on a cable car and just head out. If you see a shop or café that looks interesting, jump off and jump back on later.

There is a day or evening horse drawn carriage ride that is great for “cuddling couples” during the day, or on a “cemetery tour” during the evening, my personal favorite. If old cemeteries are your things, this is your place. Between the Voodoo in this town, and ghost’s hanging out, it’s a fact sleep isn’t very usual here.



Don’t “break the bank” on your holiday L.A. vacation



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Choosing to vacation in any major city during popular seasons can be a mighty drain on the wallet, but there are ways to keep it in control. Your choice to visit Los Angeles this holiday season can be exciting and made of memories, or a nightmare to your savings account, its up to you. As with any vacation, careful planning and research will save that “after vacation depression”, and we are here to help with that.

Today everything can be found on-line, especially deals and discounts. Start as early as possible researching and making those air, train, bus, and hotel reservations. Be sure to look at off-hour flights as well as flights into other local airports than LAX. Sometime there are cheaper flights into Burbank, Oakland or Orange County Airport.

It’s the same with hotel reservations, where you should not only look at L.A. proper, but outlines as well. Of course it depends on whether you will be renting a vehicle or not as well. That rental car can drain the vacation budget quite a bit, so staying in the city, and using public transportation can be key to savings. That being said, if you have plans to travel outside of L.A., say to San Diego, renting tat car, and locating a hotel out of L.A. will balance expenses. You also won’t be paying a fortune in parking fees like you would in the big city.


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