Is sunny San Diego in your sights for vacation in 2017?



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Ask anyone that lives in San Diego, or any businessman or women that dreams of moving to that territory for work; this town is “el primoland”. For vacationers the year-round almost perfect temperatures offered you a true vacationland. From those who surf or want to learn, the sunbathers, or families with little ones seeking a day at LEGOLAND, or the famous San Diego Zoo or adults looking for nightlife and fantastic Mexican and fresh seafood, this is your heaven.

From the moment your plane coasts over the large building dropping to the San Diego Airfield, the excitement begins. You can see the bay, palm trees, Coronado Island across from San Diego, and much more. Depending where you are coming from and what time of year it is, this may be a difficult destination to leave.



Visit attractions and delicious foods off New Orleans beaten paths


New Orleans Skyline at Night

  • New Orleans Skyline at Night

When planning a visit to the historic town of New Orleans, for the first or tenth time, spending time on Bourbon Street can get a bit much after a couple days. It’s a necessary evil for new visitors, but you should understand, it isn’t the “real New Orleans”. In fact, many natives of New Orleans have not ever been on that street or near it, for that specific reason. It’s kind of like Las Vegas, where the “Strip” is there for tourists and making money.

When you need to escape the noise, crowds and staggering street people, here are some alternatives to check out.

An interesting way to spend an afternoon, but maybe not after dark is touring New Orleans Cemeteries. Yes, there are actually guided tours including horse and buggy tours. However, we suggest heading out on your own by cab to area historic cemeteries and investigation on your own. To say that there are “colorful” descriptions on the tombs is holding back. You will find many old gravesites engraved “cause of death a Duel, lightning strike, carriage wheel” and more.



Learn where locals take friends and relatives in Washington, DC



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When you choose to vacation in any popular destination, is there any wonder what everyone is taking photos, selfies, and in many cases not dressed for the weather? We all hit the popular sights, like the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and of course, the White House. But taking your cue from locals, there’s much more to D.C. than these destinations, and if they are showing friends and relatives around, they pick a better time to see these. They also know how to avoid the crowds, and where other attractions are located.

I always remember what I was told by friends in Las Vegas, about the fact that locals as a rule, don’t spend any time on the “strip”, in fact, many have never been there. “That place is just for tourists” they say.

Locals do realize that there are in fact awesome sights and sounds to expose their guests to, and one of them is the museum in D.C. As far as the Smithsonian, more often than not, of all nineteen of them, it’s the Museum of Natural History that locals bring people to. Of course, that’s entirely up to you.


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